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Ethical Property Australia




4 months


$1–2 million

A different kind of office space in Canberra

Monarch was excited to work on this project, which reenergised a tired Manuka office building.

The open and flexible first floor fitout is known as The Level — Endeavour House.

The Level offers private and shared spaces for permanent and temporary tenants. The floorplan includes meeting rooms, quiet zones, collaboration hubs and breakout areas, all with the advantage of natural light thanks to large windows to three-sides of the building.

A standout planter box, fabricated and constructed by Monarch’s staff, greets people on arrival to The Level. Once inside a diverse range of materials, colours and finishes not only makes the space feel modern and inviting, but also perfectly displays the breadth of Monarch’s capabilities.


Locale Pizzeria


Turco and Associates


14 weeks


$0.5-1 million

Eclectic, experimental and excellent—Locale is another shining beacon in Monarch's portfolio of restaurant fitouts

This challenging project, featuring eclectic and experimental finshes, took over a space from a previous restaurant tenant.

Our works included a complete gutting of the premises to start afresh with new mechanical, hydraulic and plumbing services.

The complex fitout required our customary attention to detail as well as a high level of project management to coordinate a number of trades and suppliers. Finishes inlcuded brass benchtops, custom-made seating, cobblestone tiling, marble and a woodfired pizza oven.

Locale Pizzeria has become a buzzing restuarant in Canberra’s inner south and our repeat customers remain appreciative of the quality achieved in this beautiful fitout.


artsACT, ACT Government


Stewart Architects


9 months


$2-5 million

“Undertaking the works in such a high profile location with minimal operational impact whilst delivering the project on time and on budget is an outcome that any client would greatly welcome.”

The challenge at The Street Theatre was about delivering a prestigious public space. Firstly, marking the gateway to the ANU from the city centre, and secondly, it was also seen as a high quality city building facing both University Avenue and the revamped Childers Street.

The design philosophy was to start at the outside of the site and work inwards, thus creating interesting ‘in‑between’ spaces. This addition has been designed to stand clear of the existing building, creating a new building which observes the existing infrastructure.

The treatment of the new facade features a large amount of glazing at pedestrian level to encourage interaction and views in and out of the building. The cladding is designed to read as a curtain, moving to reveal the theatre of life within. Internally, plywood and exposed services are complemented by warm finishes and materials to create an intimate environment intrinsically suited to the idea of a ‘street’ theatre.

The iconic and busy site demands that the extension is strategically situated to best suit the cultural space. The entry to The Street Theatre fronts the plaza forecourt and is a valued community space, with existing trees, active pedestrian movement and external café seating. The forecourt is used as a spill out space during performance intermission and creates the amazing opportunity to mix theatre goers with café patrons, university students and the general public—creating an exciting cultural experience for all.


Living Developments Australia


Marcus Graham Architects


10 months


$5 million+

An outstanding example of well-considered urban infill development that makes a positive contribution to its inner city streetscape

The site was formed by the consolidation of three blocks and now consists of 24 one and two bedrooms apartments (12 of each) set in communcal gardens. The building is sited along the front setback to create a strong building line to the public realm. Its form replicates the scale and character of the original duplex dwellings by creating a series of similarly scaled buildings each separated by sunny open walkways.

Vistas are provided through the building between the front and rear gardens so that you are always aware of the landscape around you. The gardens act as a meeting abd relaxation space for social interaction.

The apartments have north facing indoor and outdoor living spaces with the majority opening to the large rear communcal garden.

One bedroom apartments include sliding screens to allow integration of bedroom and living areas. Two bedroom apartments include a central service joinery module which separates living areas and each bedroom.

The development uses a sympathetic palette of materials which are compatible with the existing streetscape. The predominant material is dark face brick which helps the structure recess within its location.

The selection of other robust materials, such as concrete and steel cladding, require little ongoing maintenance.

Lowanna has helped improve the aesthetic of its streetscape and has been well received by neighbours, while also providing a good commercial outcome for developers.

Monarch is a family-owned Canberra builder employing around 60 staff. We commenced operations in 2005 and our meticulous attention to detail has seen us consistently awarded for excellence.

The result of a relentless pursuit for excellence from builder, architect and interior designer, Schlich Haus is a showpiece of contemporary architecture.

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Established in 2005, Monarch Building Solutions has grown to become one of Canberra’s most respected commercial and residential builders.

Starting with a staff of five, Monarch now employs around 60 full-time staff. This...


Our success as commercial and residential builders of excellence is dependent on providing a structure which enables our staff to continually improve.

We have a strong commitment to providing a safe and healthy workplace, maintaining high...

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