Schlich Haus

Schlich Haus

The result of a relentless pursuit for excellence from builder, architect and interior designer, Schlich Haus is a showpiece of contemporary architecture.

Consisting of three clear sections, a solid foundation of stone on the lower street and garage level anchors the home within its leafy context. The mid-level volume provides privacy from the street while being open and transparent inside. The upper floor floats as a rectilinear form and provides engagement with the established canopies of Schlich Street.

The ground floor’s U-shaped layout provides literal and figurative foundations to this modern home, while cleverly establishing privacy to the street and outdoor entertaining areas.

See more by viewing the Schlich Haus project page or by visiting the dedicated website. You can also learn more in this article, published by Her Canberra.

At the 2017 MBA Awards Schlich Haus won four major awards and two judges' commendations. See more on the Awards page.