National Convention Centre

National Convention Centre foyer upgrade

National Convention Centre foyer upgrade

ACT Government
Philip Leeson Architects
5 weeks
$0.5–1 million
“The quality of the finish and attention to detail has left the NCC with an amazing new look and feel, something we can all be very proud of.”

Monarch Building Solutions and Philip Leeson Architects (PLA) worked closely together to deliver ‘an amazing look and feel’ for the NCC.

The objective for Monarch was to recreate the architect’s vision as best as possible. This goal was successfully achieved and is evident in the range and quality of finishes.

In particular, the use of recycled and newly milled timber battens, coupled with a tight timeframe presented a number of construction challenges.

Much of the works were carried out across a three week period around Christmas, which did not allow time for a traditional build process.

An example of processes developed to work within the time available was the creation of specialised templates for the curved granite countertops and dished Staron bulkheads, allowing them to be manufactured offsite while construction continued onsite. The accuracy of these templates was key and was proven when the installation of the countertops and bulkheads went smoothly and all pieces fitted together perfectly.

Similarly, where suitable, the timber battens were fixed to panels offsite at Monarch’s premises and delivered to site ready for installation, further saving precious time.

Thanks to careful planning of offsite and onsite construction, as well as detailed daily schedule updates, Monarch was able to coordinate a diverse team of professionals and suppliers to deliver a remarkable result for the client.

A stellar example of the possibilities achievable by Monarch when working in tandem with creative partners